You want to pay me to do what?!?!

To shoot you?


So, on my way home from my session this morning, I picked my boyfriend up from work. He was asking me about the session, and I was going on…and on…and on…like I normally do (I swear, he puts up with so much!) and at the end of my random thoughts about the session, I blurt out…

“I love that people pay me to shoot them” and carried on driving….


I hear this giant laugh and he says “You can’t say that!” I say “say what?” He says, “You don’t shoot people” and it wasn’t until then, that I had realized what I had said!


So, yes, I’m glad that you pay me to shoot you 😉 But, in a good sort of way!

I love my clients, and lately they have been super fabulous and SO easy to work with, that it makes my job a whole lot more fun! I can honestly say that I love my job! Now…if I could only find it in me to hire an assistant to help me with paperwork 😉 LOL!

So, keep shooting…and I’ll keep shooting you 😉

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