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I’ve been getting lots of questions again in my inbox, and while I try to answer everyone back in a timely manner, I thought it would be fun to do a blog post with some questions that I get asked quite often 🙂

So…here we go 🙂

What kind of equipment do you use:
I’m a Nikon gal! No real beef with Canon! My boyfriend originally bought me a Nikon, so I’ve stuck with it! Totally love it! I started with a Nikon D60 and started my business out with that tiny camera, and it treated me well. I’ve upgraded to a Nikon D7000…I shoot primarily with that, and use my D60 as backup when needed for weddings 🙂

How far will you travel to shoot a wedding?
I’ll travel as far as you’d like! I include 100 round trip miles in all my wedding collections, but we can certainly work out a deal for travel! My dream is to do a destination wedding! Let’s talk!

I want to know about logos. When should I decide to make one for myself and put them on my photos? Is it something I can do myself, or would I have to pay someone to make one for me?
You certainly don’t have to call yourself a “pro” to have a logo on your photos. In fact, I would encourage everyone to watermark their photos. There is no better advertising than someone seeing a photo you took on facebook, and when they enlarge it to view it…they see your name on the photo. If they like what they see, their next step is going to be clicking on your facebook page! You also don’t have to pay for a logo. It can be as simple as adding your business name to your photo right in photoshop. If you want a fabulous logo, I can recommend someone fabulous! Melissa from Designs by Melissa Starr designed my logo, which I absolutely adore!

I am just starting out and right now I take the photos, edit them, and put them on a disc. My question is: Do you offer actual prints, or just the disc? And – if I do offer prints, how would I go about being able to offer prints to my clients?
I include a disc with a print release with all of my sessions. After a few years of shooting, I found that about 85% of my clients just ended up ordering the disc, and no prints. The great thing about offering a disc of images, is that your clients will have all the edited photos from our session, and won’t have to choose to only have a few.

I do offer prints, if my clients would like to order professional prints. I work exclusively with Prolab Express, and they are wonderful. There is a 2 day turn around on all their photos. When I sent out print releases with my discs, I recommend that my clients print their photos at They offer professional quality photos. This is so important. You spend so much on the session, there is no reason to skimp when it comes to printing! Please, please, PLEASE don’t print your photos at Wal-Mart.

What trick do you use to keep a newborn asleep during a shoot?
Oh my. There really is no trick. I’m no master in the newborn department, but the baby pretty much runs the shoot! The baby is my boss! I usually tell parents the following info for a newborn session: Make sure the baby is nice and sleepy by the time our session starts. Make sure they are fed. I usually try to show up at a time that accommodates the baby’s schedule. I tell the parents to crank up the heat in the house, or I will bring my space heater…and make sure there is background noise 🙂 As long as the baby is fed and warm…that is really the only thing you can control. I always tell parents to allow for 2 to 3 hours for newborn sessions. You need to allow time for more feedings, diaper changes, and fussiness.

I try to set up the shot that I am looking for, and work with the baby from there. Sometimes they aren’t even sleeping, but I manage to snap when they blink or close their eyes for a moment.

Do you offer any mentoring sessions?
Yes, I do! I am currently working on a mock-up of my services. I offer bootcamps for DSLR bascis, one on one mentoring, and this summer I will be offering posing workshops! My DSLR basics class just goes over the basic functions of your camera (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture) and basic lighting, and composition basics. My one on one mentoring sessions are done online via chat. You have an hour and can ask me any questions you have about camera functions, marketing, business basics…anything! My posing workshops will be this spring/summer. I will take a group of 5 to a super awesome location, and show you what happens on a shoot…how to pose your subject…and answer any questions you have along the way 🙂 Stay tuned for more info!

What are your favorite sessions to shoot?
While I love all my sessions, I have a soft spot for Engagement sessions! There is just something about being with couples who are in love and ready to start their new lives together. I always leave these sessions feeling so happy inside 🙂 I love shooting weddings, but we have strict schedules to stick with, and there isn’t always a lot of time to spend with just the bride and groom unless we schedule it that way.  So, this is the main reason I love engagement sessions! Unlimited time with the couple, plus, if I am shooting their wedding, it  helps me to get to know them before the big day!

What editing program do you use?
I edit with Photoshop Elements. I try not to over process my images, and try my best to get them correct in camera. I tend to like way over exposed photos and it took me a few years to develop my style, but now that I know what I love, my workflow is so much quicker!

Are you married? Have kids?
I am not married, nor do I have children. I have known my boyfriend for 11 years! (I know…I know…trust me, my family and his family have been on him!) We are trying to buy our first house right now, so I’m hoping the rest follows shortly!

Thanks guys! It’s been fun! I will do another FAQ blog post in a few months. Meanwhile, if you have questions, shoot them my way! [email protected]

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