What’s new with Molly Lyn?

Well, I’ve been SUPER busy the last few weeks. I think my boyfriend thinks I ran away sometimes because I’m always busy upstairs editing my shoots. I’ve yet to find the perfect balance of shooting and editing time. I probably spend way too much time trying to get this business going, but it makes me happy! My boyfriend is super supportive of everything I have going on, and I’m grateful to have such a great support system with him, my family and his family!

I have my very first wedding on Saturday, and while I thought this would scare me to death, I’m actually pretty confident. The only thing I’m nervous about is missing {the kiss}! My boyfriend’s cousin paid WAY too much for his wedding photography, and the woman that he hired didn’t even capture their first kiss…I was lucky enough to catch it and happened to have the only copy of it ever! This would upset me! So, I’m going to do my best to be set up for that special moment!

Lots of fun things happening with the company! I have my first maternity shoot (hopefully) Some time next week…I’m officially D.B.A. licensed in Bay County! I am looking into Nikon school next weekend in Chicago, looking into getting a mac and their aperture program and looking into getting a new camera…I’ve been doing TONS of research to make sure that the next camera I get is better than the one I currently have 😉

I’ve been running…if you don’t know, I got into running a few years ago and have a love/hate relationship with it. Currently I hate it because I woke up this morning with a  heel spur (I think, I’m told you have to get an x-ray to be sure…but the pain is telling me it is!)

Well…that’s it from me in a nut shell!

Time to start thinking about Mother’s Day portraits! What a fun gift to get for your wife, sister, mother, grandmother…all the wonderful ‘Mom’s’ in your life!

Until next time!

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