Hi everyone!!!

Just got back from an 8 day trip to Vegas! Ate way too much, stayed up way too late, lost too much money…but had a blast! I couldn’t help but feel guilty that I couldn’t answer all my emails or check in on my brides while I was gone, but let me tell you…I feel refreshed and ready to go….

although….Vegas is a city that you need a vacation AFTER your vaction …. LOL

I’m trying very hard to answer emails, phone calls, and fb messages I received while I was away. If you contacted me while I was gone, please be patient with me! I will be substitute teaching Friday, Monday and Tuesday…and I am having family over this weekend for our annual St. Patricks Day 5k get together 🙂 So…I’m busy, busy busy 🙂

Since I don’t like to blog without a photo…here is one of me and my boyfriend outside of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Can you believe this is our 10th trip here and this is the first time we made the journey to go see this sign? It was really cool though 😉

Talk to you all soon!

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