Ty’s Mommy entered him into one of my contests on facebook to win a free session and a cd of images from our shoot…and as her luck would have it…she won!

I was so excited to meet him because I thought his photo was SO adorable! And guess what…he didn’t dissapoint! What a little heartbreaker! His eyes were so big, and he was such a happy little boy!

He was so good through our whole session, and the sand was his playground! He kept trying to get away and head straight toward the water! He wouldn’t sit still for anything…the water was too enticing 😉 I managed to catch him every once in awhile!

Lisa, your son is super cute! Thank you for entering him into my contest, and I hope you enjoy the photos!

This is one of my favorites of him! Look at those eyes 😉

Okay, I’m a SUCKER for baby rolls! Look at those arms! And those chunky little fingers! Adorable!!!

This was pretty much mine, his mom and dad’s view for the whole session! Him trying to escape 🙂 LOL…I LOVE the little trail he left in the sand as he was crawling away! Haha!
This big boy is almost One Years Old! Happy Birthday Ty!
Keep shooting life!

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