Sophia is my boyfriend’s Goddaughter 😉 Sophia’s Dad is my boyfriend’s cousin, and I’ve known him for over 10 years now. Sophia’s mommy is super organized and the only mommy I’ve ever had show up to a shoot with a tub (yes, the kind you store Christmas decorations in) tub full of props for Sophia 😉 I loved it!

This little girl has got a great set of super loving parents, and I’m not sure you could ask for more than that!

I scheduled us for a 10 am session thinking that we could do it during the cooler part of the day before the sun got too crazy…well, nope. It was blazing hot outside. I tried to make the shoot quick, and we had a record 50 minutes of shoot time! I usually go for 1.5 hours, but it was just wayyyyy too hot, and I’m sure I’ll be shooting her 9 months photos coming up very shortly!

There was one point during the shoot that we had her on the chair in her orange dress, and she totally took a tumble and landed face first into the sand. Now, when mishaps happen, I always feel like the biggest idiot in the world for suggesting we do that move…but Tiffany (Sophia’s mom) totally just picked her up, brushed the sand out of her eyes, ears, mouth, nose…(LOL) and went on with life. Tiffany’s mom was there, and acted the same way…now I know where she gets her calmness from 😉 Some mom’s would totally freak out, but not Tiffany! I was super impressed, and it made me feel like a little less of an idiot 😉 LOL.

Sophia is so relaxed and easy going, she made my job mega easy! So until next time little girl!

Yes, she started off this happy, and stayed happy through the whole shoot! What a trooper!

One of my most favorite photos 🙂

This was the chair she fell off…face first 🙁

Love her little painted pigs!

I had her sitting in the same spot Mom and Dad had their maternity photos done just a few short months before 😉 I love the drastic change in the seasons!

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