Slow and Steady

So, as many of you know, living in Michigan has it’s disadvantages…like WINTER. Things have slowed down a little bit because not many people like braving the cold weather to get their pictures outside. Since I do not own a studio (yet), I do all my photography on location.

While I have this down-time however, I am using it to spruce up my advertising, work on this blog, and fancy up my webpage. The hard thing about having so many sources of communication is keeping them all up to date. I have decided that I will run most of my specials on facebook. Whenever I post a special to facebook, I usually click right over to my webpage and update that with my newest specials.

I might…just might, run blog-only specials, so keep checking back here too! I am still pretty new to all of this and I’ve been researching like crazy the past few months. My school schedule this year is a lot less hectic than last semester, so I feel like I have more time to focus on this. However, my boyfriend feels a big neglected when I am on the computer all the time… 🙂 So, I’m trying to find a balance with all of this. Luckily for me, I will finally graduate from SVSU in May, so I will have even more time to focus on my business (and then I will take more photography classes…I’m not sure it will ever end 🙂 haha.

So, this is just a little update for now. Things are moving slow…but steady. I have a few weddings booked for April of this year and June of this year. I have a few engagement sessions lined up for March, and some Senior sessions booked. I also am looking forward to people calling me to use their gift certificates, and I donated a session to help out a friend for an auction.

SO, all in all, I’m sure things will swing the other way soon! Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

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