Samantha + Alex | Maternity Session

Samantha contacted me for a mini session when I was running them at Dow Gardens. I lose my mind a lot, and scheduled her for 8pm session, and I guess I failed to recognize that Dow Gardens isn’t open that late! So, we set up a beach shoot for a few weeks later.

Samantha and Alex are newlyweds, and expecting a baby boy to be named Ethan 🙂 The light was pretty much perfect when we got to the beach, so I was super excited (I think I scare people with how excited I get about light and backgrounds…sorry! LOL)

I love taking photos of people in love. The only direction I usually give them is “Be in LOVE!” and it just flows 🙂 These two were great examples of that. If I asked them to look at each other, it was like the world disappeared…I felt ignored.  😉 Which is a GREAT thing! I love to be incognito! If I had a super power, I’d be invisible…but, I digress…

Getting back to the baby boy…These two were super sweet! Thanks so much guys for letting me hang out for a few hours! Good luck with the baby boy in about a month!

Love this shot 🙂

This is what I was talking about…the kind of love that makes the world disappear 🙂 Love it!

Thank you so much Samantha for getting up and down as much as I made you! I felt so bad, but you were such a trooper! Good luck with your baby boy!

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