The photobooth is pure FUN! If you rent one, you won’t be dissapointed!

People often ask me “why would anyone want that, or, what’s the purpose of it” Well, this post is for you 😉

I view a photobooth as a “digital guest book”. You know those guests books that are hanging out on the table, not a lot of people sign them, or if they do, all you take away a list of people’s names and adresses (which is totally helpful in sending out thank-you’s!) However, if you have the photobooth, you take away something more! You can look back on the photos and remember what Grandma wore, or how drunk Uncle Harry was when you see the photo of him with a beer balancing on his head!

Your reserved Aunt Sarah…she will most likely be the one with the feather boa on, kneeling on top of the pyramid! People really come out of their shells when the booth is open! And, we try our best to encourage craziness so that your photos come out awesome!

Many photobooths are set up in a tiny little booth where only a few people can cram in there. My photobooth is set up like this:

It is 10 feet wide by 8 feet tall, and you choose either a black or white background. I charge $250 a night for the photobooth rental, only $200 if you bring your own props.
People also often wonder what makes good props…and I’d say “Just about anything”. There are always the oversized sunglasses, the feather boas, the funny hats…but think outside the box. Maybe you are both huge Green Bay Packers fans…bring a few cheese heads, are you in a band? Bring some fake instruments….the more personalized it is to you, the better it’s going to be!
The bride and groom get a copy of all the photos taken at the photobooth on a DVD. The photobooth patrons get a card with an address to view their images at, and then their images can be downloaded for a small fee 😉
Photobooth rentals are great for:
Anniversary Parties
Graduation Parties
Class Reunions
Any other event you can think of!
Email me to find out more info, and to book your photobooth today!
I’ll leave you with some examples of photos from the photobooth!

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