This little boy was SO good for me! He had me laughing the whole time! Watch out Mom and Dad…he’s a heartbreaker! He was making the silliest faces ever!

I know Ollie’s mom like this: (p.s. kudos to you if you actually read this and understand how I know her…) Denielle is married to Nick
Nick’s mom is Jill
Jill is my boyfriend’s mother’s first cousin
Get all that?! LOL…me either!

I see Ollie’s mom once a year…but it’s the BEST day of the year! We all meet on the opening day of deer season in November. We gather at 6 am-ish to go on our annual trip to Bronners in Frankenmuth. It involves a lot of shopping, and even more eating! I was so excited when she got a hold of me to do Ollie’s 6,9, and one year old photos!

So, we ventured to the beach. It was Ollie’s first time in the sand…I love seeing babies reaction to sand, it’s quite funny! Of course, he was eating it and digging in the sand and didn’t want to look at me, but I think we ended up with some great photos 🙂

So…I’ll be seeing more of Denielle this year. Stay tuned for Ollie’s 9 month photo session coming soon! (ps…don’t you just LOVE his name? His real  name is Oliver, but I love that they call him Ollie 🙂

He looks like his Daddy for sure 🙂  Love this face!

 Melt my heart!

First time in the sand!

Beach Bum!

I’m pretty sure Mom was doing something funny here 🙂

Love this 🙂

I was playing peek-a-boo with him here, he was laughing, and I just love his cheeks!

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