Oakley | 6 days new

After hearing the story about how Oakley came into his parents life, I truly realize what a blessing he is! I seriously could not take my eyes off of him, and his parents were the same way! 

I was so happy when his mom contacted me to do photos! I’ve know Oakley’s parents for years! It’s been entirely too long since I’ve seen them, so what a great reason to visit 🙂
I swear, just about 90% of the time I show up for newborn photos, they must get so excited, that they don’t want to sleep 🙂 (Duh…I’m SUPER fun…who wouldn’t want to hang with me…right?!?!) He was asleep when I arrived, and as soon as the camera came out, he was wide eyed, and totally awake for us! And, it never fails that the second I get ready to pack up, they fall asleep, so I break the camera back out! 
Oakley was an absolute angel though, and was so content. I even heard that he suggested his parents take him out for wings after his shoot 🙂 What a kid!
Thank you SO much Jeff and Sarah for having me over. I’m so glad that we could catch up, relive so old days and realize how blessed we are now 🙂 I’m elated that your family is growing. I just know that you are going to be the best parents!
Introducing Oakley:

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