New Website ;)

Hi! Okay…so I’ve been working non stop for the past 4 days at this website. I pretty much scrapped EVERYTHING I had before and started over. I felt I needed a fresh new start to this great year! I even figured out how to add a little owl at the top of the search bar to accompany my web address 😉

I re-did ALL the galleries, fancied up the main page so now you have an option to go into a “Just Wedding” section and see some info on weddings and engagement sessions. I added new facts to the “about me” section as well as new photos there too…

I updated all the navigation and really put a lot of myself into this website. I’d appreciate any feedback. I love good feedback, but of course I’d like to hear if you find typos or some navigation isn’t working properly 😉

Thanks to all my new friends on facebook! I am going to try and keep up with this blog more and use it to post more photos from my sessions along with any fun stories I have about the sessions. I am really working this year on organization and this blog is included in that. I’m trying to find a “system” that works for me….and this is all pretty new to me still…so I’m still learning!

Thanks for following along! I have a feeling this will be my best year yet! Thanks guys!


My photo today is a photo of me and my Great Grandma “Farm” We called her that because she lived on a farm 😉 This was taken exactly 30 years ago today. Easter Sunday 1980. I was a mere 11 months old in the photo! Enjoy!

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