Michael {Class of 2011}

Michael is one cool cat. He was so calm about this whole thing, which always makes my job easier! He had a perfect smile that was always turned on. I had to remind him to be tough in a few shots. I felt so bossy because I would be like “okay, how about we come over here” and he would just come everytime, try everything I asked him to try, and took suggestions from the crowd…loved it!

Thanks Jennifer, Michael, and Molly for being so great and easy to work with! His girlfriend’s name is Molly too..and she had the CUTEST owl ring on I’ve ever seen! What are the odds…her name is Molly and she loves owls…must be a Molly thing 😉

Good luck with the rest of your Senior year Michael! Thanks for letting me take your photos!

This is Molly 😉

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