Michael and Karla

Karla works with my cousin Kelly. I’ve known her from various functions thru their work. I was thrilled when she asked me to shoot her wedding 😉 I hadn’t met Michael before their wedding, but I could just tell how much these two care for each other. Their little family is SO adorable! The whole day ran as cool as a cucumber, and the weather was gorgeous! FINALLY! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day! Lots of luck, love and happiness in the future!

 My fabulous cousin made the cupcakes for the wedding, I heard they were delish!

 Believe it or not, these “funny faces” collages are always the hardest for people to do! They have to really think about what funny face they are going to make. LOL

 I happened to notice her taking a video of the wedding on her phone. I couldn’t quite get them in the background like I wanted, but I couldn’t exactly go up to her and ask her to change her angle. LOL…so I made it happen as best I could 😉
 Love this!

 Their adorable little family 🙂 The kids were so cute!

I remember Karla laughing so hard at me, wondering what kind of photo this would be. She was like “that’s a weird angle” LOL…I like to do “different” 🙂 Hope you love it Karla!
April 30, 2011
Michael and Karla Vasold

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