Matt + Alayna | Engaged

Alayna contacted me about a month ago to be her photographer for her upcoming August 2011 wedding. It happened to be the only weekend in August that I was free 😉 She seemed so sweet, I couldn’t wait to meet her and her fiance.

Of course…they happened to pick the hottest day, at the hottest time to do their engagement photos, but I was there sweatin’ right along with them!

Matt and Alayna quickly became my partners in crime! Our first location was this barn that I’m pretty much obsessed with. So, I pass by it quite frequently and I thought “hey, I’ll see if they want to shoot here” So…we met up, and drove out to this location. First thing I notice when I pull up “No Trespassing” I was devastated! And then Matt noticed a guy in the field right by the barn, so…I ran, in my flip flops, toward this guy who I’m positive thought that I must have been crazy. I asked if it was his barn, he says “Nope, but what do ya need’ I told him that I was just wanting to shoot some engagement photos, and he said he thought that it would be okay 🙂 SO YAY! I ran back…in my flip flops…reporting the good news!

We didn’t waste any time! I didn’t want to get caught, so we worked fast, and we worked good! I quickly learned that Alayna is going to have her hands full with Matt who is the consummate performer! He was full of tricks and jokes, which made me laugh 😉

After our first B &E; (Breaking and Entering) I always notice this cool train yard that I always drive by, but I wasn’t quite sure how to get to it. So, we pull up in a parking lot, and climb through some trees, shrubs and bushes to get to it! YAY! Our second B&E; which they were thrilled about…so was I 🙂 Haha. I often tell people that once I have my camera in my hands, I feel like I can conquer the world, because I’m pretty much willing to do just about anything to get a good photo!

I digress…The train yard was coooooool! Loved it! Of course it was about 90-some-odd degrees, and we had just about hit our breaking point with the heat…I mean, my eyelids were sweating…it was that bad!

We started heading back to our cars, where we noticed we both had little blue pieces of paper that said “Please don’t park here.”

Well…at least they said please!

SO excited to shoot your wedding guys! I pray it’s not as hot in August as it was this random June day 😉

Love this shot! The sun was SO bright, that I told them they could close their eyes, and I love how it turned out 🙂

Love this too! Love the way he is looking at her 😉 And…she is just too darn cute!

This train yard was so cool! I’m pretty sure Matt was up to something here…just by the look on his face 😉

This was all Matt. He wanted Alayna to jump to him, I’m pretty sure she was a little freaked out, but she ended up doing it 🙂

Okay, so the train said 2001, but I changed it to 2011 to reflect their wedding year! Love the colors of this train 🙂

Sorry…I use the 🙂 wayyyyyyyyy to much! Oops!
Thanks guys! See you in August!

Keep Shooting Life!

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