Lauren | Kids Session

Oh, I told you that I spent my first few weeks in July photographing some of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen! And I ended the two week craziness with the beautiful Lauren, her mom, dad, and yet to be born baby sister!

I felt a special connection to Lauren because of her hair! My hair was the same length when I was her age. I remember having to get up early for Kindergarten to let my mom braid it, or brush it. Mine was just pin straight though, and hers was so gorgeous! You should never cut it mom! (well…I mean, you don’t want it dragging on the floor or anything, haha, I think it’s the perfect length!)

So, here comes this little girl with gorgeous hair and the cutest white sundress on…and we are heading to the beach! Score! She was dacing around for me…one of my favorite images from this session is her twirling on the beach! So cute!

This session went so smooth and she was so good about going where I asked her! Toward the end of the session, she just wanted to play, so she was helping me direct mom and dad for a few shots! What a great helper…watch out mom, I might have to hire her!

Thanks Lycia..I’m glad we finally got the session in! And I can not WAIT to meet your new little girl coming soon!

Hanging with mom and dad on the beach!

Okay, how are you not saying “AWH” here…this is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken!

We were finding all sorts of treasures on the beach 😉

Lauren is going to be a big sister soon!

Love her little face here!

Super model! Is she not gorgeous! O.M.G.
Family <3

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