Landon | Kids Session

Landon is a little boy that is full of energy! It was apparent right away that he would give me a run for my money, and I loved it! Most people think it’s frustrating to take children’s photos, but I love it! It’s a challenge to get them to look just right, or do something that you want them to do, but you know they don’t want anything to do with it! I especially love when the parents are surprised with what I could catch when I post the photos 🙂

I usually just let the kids run the session. I might suggest something from time to time, but I find they are happier when they think they are running the show, so I oblige!

Landon was hilarious! His faces…priceless! He was a little model! Toward the middle of the shoot we smelled pizza coming from somewhere, and from that point on, I think he was super motivated to get the session over with because mom promised him pizza 🙂 (I don’t blame him! It smelled sooooo good!)

The family shots, I just adore! These are some of my favorites to date! And Korrie was rockin’ some serious pink shoes that I was secretly jealous of!

Um….are you kidding me?!?! Model pose! This kid can work it! Love this image!

But mom…how about one more stair up? Haha. He almost made it to the top! But he was kind enough to stop for a second and look my way! Love this set up!

Haha! Love this. He was wanting to leave this location and head somewhere else, I had to distract him long enough to get a few more shots. So, I had mom and dad kiss and told him that he had to act like he was pulling dad away, he was trying his hardest! LOL

Matt had requested to get a shot of Landon fixing his collar because Matt is always fixing his…This is such a sweet shot, Landon was trying so hard to button up Dad’s shirt! 🙂

O.M.G. LOVE this photo! This needs to be gigantic above a fireplace in their house…or somewhere on a wall!

Probably one of my most favorite shots I’ve ever taken! We were trying to get Landon to lean up against this wall, so Dad was showing him how to do it..but on the opposite side of where we wanted him…so Landon went over to Dad and did what Dad was doing, and I just LOVE the way this turned out!

Thank you so much Korrie and Matt for letting me hang with you guys for a few hours and thanks to Landon for making me laugh all day 🙂

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