Kevin and Serena

These kiddos were FUN! I met up with the family in downtown Bay City, and Serena was ready to go! She didn’t want her jacket on, she didn’t want anything but to stand there and say cheese and get her photo taken! LOL. Both of these kids were as good as gold!

Once we got to the barn, Kevin’s eyes lit up! He was ready to explore! Both kids dove right in looking around at all the junk on the ground. The vibe of the barn gave Serena the creeps, but she did SO good with the photos 😉 Mom and Dad were rockstars…finding things to keep the kids minds off from the fact that they were there to get their photos taken! (Thanks guys!)

What a great family! Thanks for letting me spend some time with your family! I hope you love the photos!

 I love this photo below, and it seriously came from 2 seconds of shooting. I was trying to get her to look at me and Mom was behind me trying to get her to look…she finally looked up for a half of a second and I managed to catch this 😉 Ugh..are you kidding me with those gorgeous eyes!

 This is probably my favorite in the bunch! I didn’t even ask them to do this 🙂 Earlier I asked Kevin to kiss his little sister, but here, we were just trying to get Serena content with sitting on this scarry log. So I asked them to make a funny face, and Kevin bent over to kiss her, and the result was this 😉 So cute! The would look FAB blown up on a huge canvas!

 This was Kevin’s favorite spot in the barn. I let him pick his locations 😉 Then, the kids were so funny and would say “cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese” until they ran out of breath, and then say it again. I could tell he was getting a little bored with this, so I said “what’s your favorite food? Pizza? And he surprised me and said “No, sushi” I said “okay, sushi it is…when I count to 3, I want you to yell SUSHI as loud as you can”  LOL 😉

Thanks “S” Family!

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