Justin + Stacey {Engaged!}

Well, this shoot has been about 4 months in the making. I had to reschedule once because of the rain, then because I was in the hospital, then she was in the hospital, then it snowed…We were beginning to think mother nature didn’t want this shoot to happen…but it was inevitable! It FINALLY happened 😉

Stacey and Justin were game for any crazy idea I threw at them, and I’m sure they thought I was a tad bit crazy because I was literally squealing during the whole shoot! I met up with them at Stacey’s Grandma’s property, and HOLY CATS…it was cool!

I’m a sucker…I mean s.u.c.k.e.r for old barns and crazy dirty rusty old backdrops. So, imagine my sheer delight when I show up and see about 4 out buildings and a HUGE…mega huge barn! I totally felt like it was Christmas morning for me!

We got right to work, and did one big loop around the property finding amazing things as we went…but the best part…when Justin climbed up these old stairs only to tell me that I was going to love it…well, I had to climb up and sneak a peek for myself, and I about fell over! A HUGE HAY LOFT in the barn. YIKES…SQUEAL..GASP. SO, I asked if they would be okay climbing up…we made the journey..injury free! I was afraid I was going to fall thru the roof on several occasions, but we survived!

Thank you SO much for putting up with me and my antics during the shoot! LOL. I hope you guys love your photos and I can’t wait til the wedding, where I was assured there would be lots more backdrops like there was this day!!! YES! SCORE!

 The Hay loft in the barn….is this cool or what!?!?!

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