Jordan + Rachel

January 22, 2011

Jordan and Rachel got married in the COOLEST building…the Masonic Temple in downtown Bay City. Rachel was one of the most relaxed brides I’ve seen. As a matter of fact, most of my brides have been pretty relaxed! I haven’t had one crazy stressed out bride yet. Hmm…I guess that’s a good thing 😉 But Rachel was a cool as a cucumber! The room the girls were getting dressed in was all a buzz with girls laughing, lots of makeup, and clothes and bags everywhere…typical girls! However, when I went upstairs to visit Jordan, it was so quiet…they were all ready to go 😉 LOL…typical boys!

The wedding was short and sweet. The mayor of Bay City married these two, and it was his first wedding, so I think he was a little nervous because he forgot to have them exchange rings, or even kiss at the end. This is the part where I would have been freaking out…but not Rachel or Jordan…they took it all in stride, and exchanged rings out in the hall, with their bridal party surrounding them 😉

They braved the cold for some outdoor shots, and I was totally impressed with this!

The food was great, their signature cocktails were cool, and they danced all night! Here are some favorite photos from their special day!

There were quite a few “How many people does it take to get a bride into her dress” Jokes here! LOL

Gorgeous. Period.

This room had a cool 60’s kind of vibe. Loved it!

Right before the ceremony

Exchanging rings in the hallway. I LOVE this photo!

Gorgeous building! And I LOVED that the girls all braved the cold for this shot! Thanks!

These windows were super cool! I wanted a “throw together” look. I really don’t like the traditional wedding photos, but I will take them upon your requests 😉

Bride and Groom 😉

I REALLY wanted to use this elevator in a shot, but the darn door would NOT stay open! It kept pushing Jordan into Rachel! We were laughing for awhile!

LOVE. I think this would look gorgeous as a HUGE photo!

Thank you Jordan and Rachel!
Keep Shooting Life,

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