Hart Family

I was sitting inside Dow Gardens, and people kept walking in, walking out….while I was waiting for a family of four to show up. As soon as I saw the Hart Family walk up, I thought in the back of my head “Please let this be them” because they were TOO adorable!

Much to my delight, it was the one and only Hart Family who had traveled from Mt. Pleasant with the cutest kids in tow! They seemed hip, cool, and fun! I was immediately drawn to Jessica’s cool red skirt! Then she introduced me to her husband Jeremy and their kiddos Hazel and Ezra (whom they called Zel and Ez…how cool are those names!?!?!)

We started walking around the Gardens, and Hazel was helping me pick spots to shoot her at. She was hip…she did awesome poses…she didn’t look at the camera the whole time which made me think she had all the makings for a gorgeous super model! She, like her mother, was gorgeous.

Ez…how cool was he. He showed up with the cutest turquoise pants on, and bright red sunglasses. He, too, like the rest of this family, was super hip…it was in their DNA…I swear!

We had a great time walking around the Gardens, looking at the flowers, and playing in the kids garden area. It was sooooo hot out, so I thank you guys for putting up with me, and the heat 😉

It was so great to meet you! Thank you for letting me be a part of your family for a few hours!

Hazel…Love the name 😉

 Fun Family!?!? YES! Jessica totally brought these mustaches that she made herself! Awesome!

Okay, seriously one of my FAV family photos of ALL time. This would look amazing in a 16×20 framed! Poor Ez…it was his nap time and he was just starting to feel it. I think this image is SO cute! AHH!

Jessica and Jeremy! You two are so fabulous and lucky! What a great little family you have!!!

This photo makes me smile for so many reasons! We were trying to set up a shot to be taken in front of the bridge. Ez…as you can tell from the above photo, was starting to get sleepy, and really wanted his mom. I suggested that him and Hazel start chasing each other around…well, he stayed by his mom, and the performance with Hazel went on 😉 LOL…she was running around like a little star, so I thought I’d shoot anyway, and see what I could come up with 🙂 And that’s how this photo was born!

Okay…keep in mind that it’s like 95 degrees out…we are all sweating terribly..well, I know I was at least! And I am asking this family to jump up and down like 5 times. I’m so mean! Well, Ez wanted his mom and didn’t want to jump, so instead of being like”Oh, can we try something else” Jessica straps him on her side and jumps higher, with a child on her hip, than ANYONE I’ve ever seen jump before! She should enter some sort of contest! I swear! Kudos to you Jessica! Amazing!

“The Pose” Seriously. Adorable!

Supermodel. Yes!

Hello. Gorgeous!

Keep Shooting Life!

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