FAQ’s and MIA!

So, I’ve recently been MIA from the blog scene! I usually like to post a blog about my session right after I post a preview to facebook, but I’ve been so behind lately, that I am finding it better to do “mass blogging” and blog all at once!

Unfortunately, today is not one of those days, but I thought I should post something this week!

First off…me! I’ve been so swamped lately, that I just feel horrible if I’m not working 24/7 on sessions! This isn’t really healthy, LOL…so I am trying my best to come up with a schedule that will work and allow me to get the most work done that I can in one day. I am currently booked every day the rest of August, and I have a ton of September sessions ahead, as well as some September weddings. I am not going to take anymore September sessions as of right now until I get caught up.

I have been debating for a few months now if I should totally restructure everything about my business…do less sessions per month? Only do one wedding per month? Only do weddings, period? I have a feeling this is going to be a busy off season for me, as I figure out my new business plan!

I am currently trying to re-do my web page, with the help of an amazing web designer…and re-do my logo too. So, lots of fun stuff coming up!

So, the last week or so, I’ve been asking you to email me questions. I am going to try my best to do one blog post a month for FAQ’s. I get a lot of the same questions, so I thought that I would try this, and hopefully be able to help someone out along the way 😉

Tina asked: If using manual mode…what are the best settings for 1. portraits, and 2. sports?

A: While there isn’t a “magic setting” that will work for all situations, there are some general rules to go by. For portraits and sports alike, it depends on your settings. Are you outdoors? Indoors? In a dimly lit place, or somewhere with lots of window light? Generally speaking, if you are outside, you should be able to set your ISO at 200-400. Shutter speed can be 1/40th or above if the subject isn’t moving (Portraits) …if the subject is moving, you will need to increase your shutter speed. With indoor sports (basketball) you will need to adjust for the white balance (Gym lighting is HORRIBLE) and bump up your ISO as well as your shutter speed! Your settings will change all the time depending on all these situations 😉 Hope this helps a little!

Amanda Asked: Do you use a flash or any off camera lighting when you shoot photos outside?

A: In a word. No. LOL. I try to never, ever, ever use flash if I can get away with it. I loathe the flash! And, while there are situations that you must use it, I try to not use it 😉 Generally…the only time I ever will use a flash is in a poorly lit church during the ceremony or formal photos, or at the reception…for any outside photos, I never use it 🙂

Stacey Asked: What is your favorite Lens?

A: Right now I’m totally digging my 18-105!

Paula Asked: Nikon – Cannon…Is it a matter of taste, or is there indeed a ‘best’ one?

A: Any shooter with either brand of course is going to tell you that theirs is the best. Haha. I shoot with Nikon, however…I really think it’s just personal preference. I didn’t get to choose. My boyfriend did some research, and bought me a Nikon for Christmas in 2008…He said that he arrived at his decision after hearing that Nikon’s lenses are interchangeable with every Nikon lens/camera ever made, and that was the tipping point for him. Cannon – Same thing with any newer models…so really, just depends on what you end up buying. I don’t think one is better than the other!

Let me recommend a website here: http://www.kenrockwell.com/ Is amazing! He pretty much has tested every camera on the market and gives you his assessment of every camera/lens…cannon and Nikon! It’s helped me out A LOT with choosing my new camera (D7000) and all my lenses!!!

Joe Asked: What camera do you shoot with?

A: I started with a Nikon D60 and just recently bought a D7000!

Anna Asked: Are you professionally trained?

A: Nope. Not one bit. There is no “certificate” that you get to become a pro photographer, which is why anyone can call themselves one, and I don’t really even call myself one. I’ve taken some classes thru my local community ed programs, and I attended the Nikon School about a year ago. I think that photog’s should always seek out new learning opportunities! I know I love to!

That’s all for this month’s FAQ’s! Make sure to email me your questions to [email protected] with the title “FAQ” and see if your questions get answered!

Thanks guys!
Enjoy the holiday weekend!


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