Fab New Years Eve Wedding!

Okay…so one of my New Years Resolutions was to be more organized…and I think that thought should include staying on top of my blog. I feel like I am just repeating info on my facebook page, but the stats I get, tell me that people still look at this silly old thing 😉 So…I am going to attempt to make it fun and post info about the couple and the weddings that I don’t on my facebook page…just to keep it new and fresh.

SO…with that being said. I’ll start off with my first couple of the year!

Jennifer and Sam got Married on New Years Eve! What a fun wedding/reception this was! I’ve known Jennifer for quite some time now. We used to work together at the Nike outlet, and I’ve always thought she was super fun and full of life! She met Sam while we were working there (ages ago) and I always knew that one day they’d end up together 😉 Ahh…Love!

So, Sam…is totally chill. I just love them together, they are so fun and always laughing! I LOVED their engagement session, it was totally laid back and super fun!

Ok…now onto the wedding! The wedding was held in Bay City, MI at an old train depot…super cute! There were still sparkling Christmas lights left up, so the whole vibe was really warm and inviting!

The reception was a the Double Tree Hotel, also in Bay City. Jen and Sam opted to have my photo booth at their reception and I’m so glad they did! Their guests really had fun with it!

So…you probably want to see pics now! Here they are!

Jennifer and her bridesmaids 😉

I love this photo!

I love that Jennifer still took time on her special day to listen to her nephew tell her the funniest story, and she listened with such intent, I’ll bet that was a special moment for the both of them 🙂 And she even delt with her little adorable niece getting into her make up and smudging up the mirror in front of her 😉 Loved that!

Their tables were named after all the concerts they had been to! And you found your table by finding your ticket stub 😉 So cool!

Taken by my second shooter…Ed 😉

Owen, the Bride’s Nephew 😉 Too adorable!

If you are a fan on facebook, than you saw this photo. It makes me laugh, because no matter how many times I say…look here…there is always one…or twenty people that don’t look 😉 And I truely love it because it’s real life! LOL

My lovely assistants for the evening…Ed, my right hand man, second shooter, photo-booth expert, and most importantly…boyfriend 😉 And my adorable, wonderful, always there in a pinch amazing cousin Kelly! They were taking a photo of me taking a photo of them in the photo booth. I should have posted their view below. Sorry. haha.

Below are some favorites from the photo booth!

Sam and Jen used this for their Thank You cards 😉 Cute!

What other photographer is going to lay on the nasty beer covered dirty floor to take a photo of the wedding party like this…this girl will 😉
THANK YOU THANK YOU, THANK YOU Sam and Jen for allowing me to be a part of your special day! Remember…all my brides and Grooms get a free baby session..so, start working on that! LOL
Keep Shooting Life, Molly

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