Oh, what can I say about Ella! I am in LOVE with this shoot. I know, I say that about everyone of my sessions, but I can’t help it!

I love when parents come prepared…and Ella’s mom came prepared…with a puppy! Sully the wonderpup ran out of the van and I immediately went “AWH”. Ella was in a white sundress, the light was perfect, the field of tall grass was perfect, I was literally like jumping up and down inside. If I really showed how excited I was about things, you guys would all think I was crazy! Ha!!!

So, Ella was telling me about school and her friends, she is so darn cute. I couldn’t get over it! After my love affair with the tall grass (which everyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for tall grass, junky buildings, and old barns!)…we headed out to…you guessed it…an old barn!

Once again, her outfits were adorable, but I just about melted when Ella jumped out of the car in outfit number 4 with a pink tank top on with the letter “E” on it, and the cutest pink hat I’ve ever seen! She was working it for the camera, and I was totally digging it!

I’m totally planning on using Miss Ella in some commercial shoots for some clothing from vendors I work with!

Thank you SOO much Rebecca! Your little girl is so cute, I can hardly stand it! I hope you loved the photos!

Okay, everyone all together now…”AWHH”

This cuteness is killing me! Too much!

Probably one of my favorite shots!


I love this little pose!   🙂

She is so sweet!

Not really sure she was digging the corn all that much, but she worked it out for me, with some coaching from Mom 😉

Are you kidding me?!?! This should be in a magazine…(not because I took it…because of Ella…100% )

Totally in love with this photo! That’s why it’s my new profile pic!

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