Elisha {St. Charles High School}

Elisha….what can I say…those EYES!

I was driving up her road and I saw this HUGE barn in the distance, I quickly did some calculations to see if the next house up was her address…and as soon as I realized it was, I suddenly felt like it was Christmas morning! (p.s. I LOVE old barns!)

So, Elisha invited me in to their gorgeous old farmhouse while she finished getting ready, but I declined so I could go run around and check out the property. I started investigating and found goats, a pig, a dog, and roosters and chickens! I was in heaven! LOL…She had a gorgeous field by her house and more fun than I knew what to do with!

I had a blast with her, she was up for anything…even sitting on an old tractor that was super dirty 😉 (thanks!)

Here are some of my favorites from this day! Thanks so much Elisha! What a beauty! Oh…did Imention it was about 93 degrees this day! YUCK! She hung in there though!

The gorgeous field!
This barn was AWESOME!
The dirty old tractor that I LOVED!

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