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Hey Everyone!

So, I had a little bit of a miscommunication problem this afternoon with a contest winner. I wanted to clear things up for everyone, so that for future contests, everyone understands what I mean when I give things away 🙂

Here are a few examples of contests I run:

Free Session:
When you win this from me, you are winning the session (sitting fee) for free. That’s it. People say “that’s nothing” but if you book, for instance, a family session with me, the session is $60, so you are winning $60 for free. What is a session? The session is just the “Shoot”…it includes the photographer’s time (usually up to 2 hours) and talents as a photographer, plus their hours and expertise editing the photos, putting them on fb, and posting them to an online gallery so you can share them with your friends and family 🙂  That is the grunt work of this job, but I LOVE my job…it’s hard work…sure, anyone can go out and snap some photos, but when you pay a photographer, you get their time and talent, editing skills, and knowledge of how to make you look like a million bucks 🙂 …it often takes me 2 hours for the shoot, and an additional 3 hours or more editing the session, posting blogs about the session, uploading and downloading the photos, plus the drive time to the session and back…so, If I charge $50 for a kids session, if you break it down, it’s $10 an hour, and a lot of work in that 5 hours, or more sometimes…this is the reason that wedding photography is SO expensive..but that’s another beast, for another time 😉

Other contests that I run will tell you if I am including free prints or CD’s along with the session.
So…I’m just trying to make this clear, because I’m not in the business of crushing people’s dreams, or deceiving them, or making promises and not keeping them. If at any point, you are unclear of the rules or what you are getting, just shoot me an email and ask 🙂

At this point, I’ve given away more free sessions this year than I’ve actually booked…so I’m not in this business to steal people’s money or to try to get away with anything. I just try to give free sessions every once in awhile to cut the cost of the final product….

“I want a family session with you”
Session $60
CD $100 (If ordered at the time of booking) ($120 if ordered later)
Your total would be $160 for the session and CD

If you won a contest for a free session, your session would be free. After your session, I would post the photos online for you to look at…if you decided you wanted to buy prints, I would send you a pricing sheet for prints, if you decided you wanted the CD, it would be $120. So, if you won a free session, you would be paying $120, instead of $160 for a family session.


That’s a lot of words. I just wanted to clear that up for the future contests I run. I don’t want anyone to be misled about any of my contests 😉 I pride myself on trying to make it a great experience for everyone…and I think I am on the moderate to low price range based on other photographers in the area.

If you have any questions for me at all, please don’t hesitate to email me! I’d love to chat!
[email protected]

Thanks guys for your gracious and continued support!

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