Busy girl!

Okay! So I’ve been a tad busy lately! And for those of you that keep up on my facebook page know this 😉

October was by far my busiest month, which I knew it would be, but I was not expecting the kind of volume that I got this year!!! Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job, I just hate to keep anyone waiting for proofs and this one woman show is hard to keep up with!

I promise I will keep up with the blog once I get a grip on the rest of my edits here!!!

I also have been busy this last few weeks designing and putting together my tree that I decorated for the festival of trees. Every year, the Junior League of Saginaw Valley hosts this event. If you’ve never been and you are from the area…you are missing out!

There are trees decorated from various local venders and businesses. The people that attend the festival can purchase raffle tickets and drop them in the box of the tree that they want to win. On Sunday, the ladies draw a name from the box in front of the tree, and the tree is then delivered to your house 😉 So awesome to see all the neat ideas people come up with every year! I will post a photo of my tree below!

So…that’s what is new with me in a nutshell! Trying to stay on top of editing, fufilling orders, making CD’s and doing more sessions…on top of subbing also 😉

I plan on updating my website in my “off season” and keeping up with the blog with new giveaways, great deals on photos and even better deals on winter snow sessions!!!

Until next time!

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