Bobby + Mallory {Engaged}

Okay SWOON! I’m swooning (Is that even a word?) I don’t care! I’m using it! So, these two were MEGA fun!

Let me first start off by saying that when they showed up to the shoot, my dumb car was stuck in ice. I was trying everything I could to dig myself out, it just wasn’t happening. So, I was turbo-embarrassed. LOL. But, we got on with the shoot.

I could have just DIED the second I snapped the first shot…I knew it was going to be a great shoot! These two were fun, funny, amazing, gorgeous, and IN LOVE!

They needed no coaching, directing…NOTHING. They just did all this naturally! I shouted a location, and BAM…they went into full-on model mode. Totally not kidding.

So…we had a TON of fun! They braved the weather, and ME! LOL…kidding, kidding….

Mallory brought along a friend..which I LOVE…I will always tell you to bring someone with you that knows you. Why? Because they are always there to help out. They know what your hair usually looks like, they can see things that I might miss…like, is your shirt crooked? Do you have a funny look on your face? So..for that reason, I love friends! She held their coats, and even helped direct a few shots! She was a great help!

I edited this session in LIGHTNING speed. Why? Well, first…as soon as I uploaded the photos I was instantly dying! Okay..not literally, Although I felt like it. I don’t know, but my heart was racing…I was like “I NEED TO EDIT THESE” I get that way about really good shoots I have. I just can’t wait to see the final product.

So, I upload them..and they need like..I’m serious…NO editing. SO I literally flew thru them! Record time!
I guess, I should get to the goods eh? So..introducing Bobby and Mallory…

Love this shot above! Ahh!

These two were in their own world. Loved it. I LOVE when couples act like I’m not there, it makes the shots so much more natural 😉

The shot above was Bobby’s idea! Go Bobby!

This was my embarrassing moment! Them pushing me out! Of course I had to document it 😉 LOL

This was Mallory’s friends idea! She told Mallory to go up on her tippy toes a little more! Cute!

Love logs 😉

Totally reminds me of something that should be in a magazine. I’m not tooting my own horn…I’m saying THEY look like they should be in a magazine!

Snow Ball fight 😉

Okay, dying over this one! I loved that they were all for getting in the snow!

Ending with my fav! Ugh, dying!
I can not WAIT for their June 2011 Wedding! Thanks for being so fabulous guys!!!
Keep Shooting Life!

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