Bobby and Mallory | Married

I am truly so happy for these guys! Mallory is pure sugar…she is so sweet! Bobby…well, he’s as nice as they come!

From the second I walked into the house, Mallory was concerned that I needed allergy medicine because my allergies were kicking into overdrive…I assured her that I had already taken some meds, but she must have asked me two more times if I needed anything…on HER wedding day. I’m telling you…pure sugar!

Some of my favorite photos from this wedding were taken in the moments while she was getting ready. I’ve never seen a bride so focused and really enjoying the moment. I kept getting teary eyed (and I don’t think it was from my allergies!)

Bobby’s parents are just as sweet! They were such gracious hosts! Bobby’s dad took me out to take photos of the ceremony site before the wedding started, and his mom asked me to sit at their table during dinner!

The day was perfect, the ceremony was perfect (even though, I guess Mallory’s ride got stuck in mud on their way out to the ceremony…how’d she handle it? Cool as a cucumber!) The light was perfect, everything…perfection!

Here are some of my favorite images from the day, and their stories!

This image just really gets me. I don’t know what it is, but it honestly leaves me speechless. I love the look on her face, I love the way she is holding her hands. I love that her mom is behind her fixing her dress, she is a million miles away. What you don’t see is that we are in this tiny bedroom and I am literally right on top of her. It’s as if she doesn’t know I’m even there…like no one is even there…Love!

Their ceremony site! LOVE this! Bobby, his Dad, Grandpa and Brother all built this by hand! How amazing is that?! It was the perfect spot to get married!

This is Bobby’s Dad driving all their guests out on a tractor to the ceremony site. It was too far back in the woods to walk. Are you kidding me?! How COOL is this!!!

Bridesmaids flowers 🙂 Simple. Gorgeous!

Charlette, the flower girl walking toward her Mom! (I just had did their family session about a week before this 🙂 I love this photo!

Mallory said this was her most favorite part of the day! The walk down the isle. I love the smile on her face here! This is moments before her big walk down the isle! Pure joy!

As if I have to say how much I love them looking at each other! Swoon!

From the side 🙂

I loved everything about this first kiss…

I asked the boys to get a little silly 🙂 The didn’t even fight it, or question me! LOL

The girls came up with this one on their own! This is probably one of my favorite images from the day! The looks on all their faces is so priceless!

Are you kidding me with those eyes! I just LOVE their eyes, and Bobby’s mom has the same big blue eyes! These two are going to have gorgeous blue eyed babies! Ahh!

They didn’t even know I was taking pictures here, we were just kinda getting set up for the shot and they were chatting, so I started snapping! This is 100% real looks of pure love!

For this shot, I just had them standing over by some birch trees. They used birch in a lot of their decorations, so I wanted the trees in some photos. I stood wayyyy back and told them just to talk about the day, and forget I’m even there…I like this idea because it’s so much more natural than posey kinda shots (and if you know me, you know I’m not a fan of posey shots 😉

AHH! LOVE THIS! So…I just told them to kiss, and I worked around them with different angles to play around with the gorgeous blue sky and the super gorgeous pm light of the sun! This is probably my fav from the day!

More gorgeous-ness!

Bobby’s brothers best man speech was probably the shortest best man speech I’ve ever heard! LOL..but it was funny, and I love the expression on Bobby and Mallory’s face here!

Decorations! Love!

Cake! Super love!!!

This makes me giggle!

Oh wait…this might be my favorite from the day, shoot! I can’t choose! This was during their first dance!

Mallory and her Dad during the father/daughter dance!


Bride: Mallory works at Nike Factory in Birch Run and Fossil in Birch Run

Groom: Bobby works Barnes Co. as a welder

How’d you meet: We both worked at Nike for about 4 years together
How long were you engaged: We were engaged for 3 years

Ceremony Site: Behind Bobby’s grandparents house in Montrose on the porch of a cabin that Bobby, his dad, brother and grandfather built together

Reception Site: Under a tent in Bobby’s grandparents yard right next to their house

Gown: Davids Bridal was the designer and where her dad bought if from (yes her dad bought her dress :D)

Wedding Rings: Kay Jewelers for Mallory’s and walmart for Bobby’s… His real ring that they don’t have yet was purchased from Macks Prairie

Formalwear: Shirts from Men’s Warehouse and Tux and the slacks from Haggar in Birch Run

Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal

Flowers: Her bouquet was made by Patti at the His and Hers flower shop in Montrose. The Bridesmaids arrangements and boutonnieres were made by the Bride and her mom. They purchased the baby’s breath in bulk from

Cake: Tina Smith, Bride’s cousin
Catering: Family  (p.s. The food was AMAZING!)

Music: Impact Sounds in Bay City Michigan

Invitations: The Bride made them with some help from friends. She purchased them from Michael’s
Favorite Part of the Day: (Mallory) “walking down the aisle, i was so excited i could hardly stand it!”

Favorite Part of the Day (Bobby) “Seeing Mallory walk down the aisle”

First dance song: What would I do (but love you) by Joy Williams

Father/daughter song: Butterfly Kisses by Rick C. Mullin

Mother/son song: Godspeed (sweet dreams) by Dixie Chicks

Where did you go on your honeymoon: We went to the Comfort Inn in Birch Run for the night because we both had to work on Monday but it was AMAZING and we didn’t even have the honeymoon suite!

Advice for anyone wedding planning: If you have time and the energy to do any “Do It Yourself” projects like invites, decorating, programs, etc. do it! It makes you feel so proud to step back and look at everything and think that you had a big part in making it all happen. Also, if someone offers to help and you don’t feel like you need the help, its ok to say no but keep them in mind for the last month or so before the big day. That’s when everything seems to get hectic!

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