2011 Seniors

So…when I started this business, I never imagined how fast things would go. I was willing to accept a few jobs a year, and mostly shoot friends and family for just a little cost to cover gas and things like that. Last year I was surprised when I got an urgent phone call to take some senior pictures! I was slightly nervous because I didn’t want to mess them up,but I knew in the end, that if I was just myself, then everything would go fine.

Whitney was such a joy to work with and we ended up having a really good time with her shoot. This year, my little cousin is graduating and I have the honor of taking her pictures! I’m really excited because we’ve done shoots before, and she loves watching Americas Next Top Model, so she knows how to pose really well!

This photography thing consumes me! I spend all my free time checking out other photography blogs, websites, pricing guides, equipment, how-to videos…I’m loving every minute of it though! I am going to take a photography class starting in April to re-learn some things, and I couldn’t be more excited! Every night before I fall asleep I always wonder how I could advertise better, what could make me stand out, what kind of sales I could run….all this goes through my mind!

So…until my first wedding shoot in April, I will constantly be researching on how to make myself a better photographer.

Getting back to the title…I’m going to start offering some great Senior deals starting in March, so stay tuned! I also update my website montly to reflect new specials 🙂

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